He chalks the line: City Attorney prosecutes man for writing anti-bank slogans in water soluble chalk

This is completely insane. IF YOU ARE CALLED FOR JURY DUTY ON THIS CASE please visit FIJA.org -- the Fully Informed Jury Association. The strength of the US Jury system is that your duty is not to parrot the judge's orders and mete out punishment to your fellow citizen, but rather that you are empowered and expected to intercept and refuse tyrannical abuses -- AND THIS IS CERTAINLY IN THAT CATEGORY. Vote to acquit! And tell The Toupee and the judge to pound sand up their asses!
— June 26, 2013 7:50 a.m.

Doug Manchester’s Grand Del Mar resort scoffs at permits

You know, if he plunked down 35 MILLION then I don't find it any of the City's business, really, if he wants to install "tee boxes" (wth?) or grade part of the property for a horse area. Does the City have some Department of Useless Minutiae with commensurate forms (in triplicate) which must be stamped with the Official Stamp and, of course, a FEE must be paid. All administered by a small but dedicated cadre of pompous bureaucrats. Probably an annual inspection and a renewal form to fill out, too. >does not have a State-permitted heliport and does not appear to meet any of heliport permit exemption criteria And as far as a helipad? Seems pretty cool to me. Is there a problem? Is there another form in the Department of Useless Minutiae if one wants to add a helipad to one's $35 million property? ("heliport permit exemption criteria" reeks of some small minded bureaucrat with a handful of forms he intends to force you to fill out, just because he can) >put in three parking lots, a total of 2.66 acres, again without any permits. Not as cool as the helipad, but, again, this is any of the City's business? Does the Department of Useless Minutiae have a finger in this pie, too? $0.05 per parking space? And we have to have INSPECTORS to measure the width of the painted lines dividing up the parking spaces, I'm sure. I'm no millionaire, but the "violations" detailed bring to mind a slang term for insect excrement. The City comes off as a bunch of wormy little grey bureaucrats, running after every little violation, bleating in their ineffectual nasal voices, measuring how tall the grass is and vigilantly enforcing City Lawn Height regulations. If somebody buys a $35 million property, I'd say let them do as they please with it. I don't see any harm whatsoever. It seems like a petty vendetta.
— May 7, 2013 9:37 a.m.