Royal Raymond Rife: Into the Micro Beyond

Roy Rife's achievments have been well documented and in his hayday, he was recognised by some of the top medical minds of his time - until medical politics of the AMA got involved and tried to destroy him after he refused to give them his technologies for next to nothing. Luckily, his legacy still lives on today and while the persecution still continues in the USA even today, his methods have formed the basis of approved medical equipment being used in Europe, for example. There is a German made optical microscope which matches the capabilities (although working differently) of Rife's Universal microscope to see living organisms at high resolutions and magnifications. That many scientists have been unable to confirm pleomorphism (that microorganisms have multiple forms) lies in them using conventional optical microscopes that do not have this capability. A bit like disbelieving man was on the moon because you cannot see any signs of it in a normal telescope, yet with top space based telescopes you can see such signs. The "radiation" Rife used was based on radio waves and Rife was exposed to it for a major part of his life just like we are exposed to radio and television waves, today. He lived to a high age with no ill effects. To learn more about Royal Rife, his history and modern day devices inspired by his work, have a look at the following websites: http://www.rife.de http://www.rife.org http://www.rifewiki.org http://www.rifeforum.com http://www.rifehandbook.com Regards Peter Rife Research Europe http://www.rife.de
— February 21, 2012 5:26 a.m.

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