Hair Lip

First, Mr. Phoenix does not have a hair lip, this is simply a scar from an accident as a child. I however do have what one would call a cleft lip and cleft palate deformation. Usually called a double cleft, I had the unfortunate outcome of being born with a physical defect one cannot help. After eleven surgeries and two years of speech therapy I ultimately became a model, then actor, then writer. Obviously I wasn't used on close up face shots as although I'm told I have a beautiful face they that know better believed it would be a distraction on the pages of a magazine. But for whom? Those that are too stupid to simply be considerate of other human beings? Those that don't take the time to inform themselves of exactly what a cleft palate comes from or the pain one must endure carrying it around their whole lives? Hmm, I wonder...I ponder the thought, who are these people and what makes them so shallow? Oh, I know, people like yourself that perpetuate the idea through "humor" that it is an ugly or unacceptable malady as if the person is purposely holding it up onto their face saying "hey look, it's a small scar and something must be wrong with me." Funnily enough "hair lip" comes from prisoners that came over from England and were dumped in the South, they were too stupid to understand so they perpetuated the moniker. How ironic, from one stupid group to another. Too bad you can't see what Joaquin Phoenix is doing on that screen by imitating a great, dead singer for what he was....a troubled boy turned to troubled man turned to significant human. Comment on Joaquin's goofiness right now and that'll be fine, it may be enough to sway the interest of those with ADD, but the truth of the matter is we've all got some physical, emotional or mental problem we must overcome. Oddly enough it's only a problem because others that don't know its name make it so. Peace.
— May 6, 2009 3:15 p.m.

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