Occupy San Diego Protester Recounts Alleged Police Brutality

USER ID REFLECTS FORMERLY ATHEIST. I will be changing it. It's no different from any other puppet masters / puppets munchkins. http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-01-14/... http://www.google.com/search?q=basij&rls=com.mi... The variously pathologic cops / cops trained in the tactics of erring on the side of survival over ideal, that unwarranted in the U.S., as this woman is simply propounding free enterprise absent the fraud and arrogance and scapegoating, think, for some reason, that because the U.S. is grounded on freedom, equality and happiness, that that does not fit with their particular belief systems. But it does. It fits with everyone's. It's simply, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or other Eastern, each is collection of an infinity of mini-fundamentalisms. The leaders in each over the ages have adjusted their respective followers' understanding as each curiosity has yielded a larger picture. They all in the end seem bound to fit together like a set of building blocks. The mistakes in one history stream, using the web bot and related techniques, provide a math gradient with the otherwise identical moralities / event streams. http://dinkypage.com/theydivideyoulose
— January 14, 2012 4:10 p.m.

Half a Glass

I GENUINELY NO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT NAOMI WISE'S PSYCHOLOGICAL MAKE-UP OR FEELINGS TOWARD THE OPPOSITE SEX, AND ACTUALLY I'M GUESSING HER REMARKS AS TO THE (IMPLIED BY THE SPECIFIC FELLINI REFERENCE)ARE SOMEWHAT SENSIBLE IF NOT DEFENSIBLE. JUST THE SAME, HER PUBLIC REMARKS CARRY AN ELEMENT OF LIMITATION, WHICH COMBINE WITH MY OWN WEBSITE'S FORECAST OF ARRESTED GROWTH IN YOUR FAIR CITY. GOT ARRESTED GROWTH? DUMBED DOWN BROKEN DOWN Make boys not outgrow boyhood because of their childhood inclinations protect their masculine identities. Feed them science based on dogma despite mythology's typical separation for the real world. Equate miscellaneous forms of non-conformity, difference, or association with a political underdog with the demonized, such as liberals with communists, opponents with the religious right with gays (making straights afraid of being wrongly ferreted out in itself serves the dumbing down process.) ET VOILA! ET QUE VOTRE RECETTE DE LA CORRUPTION ET DE PUISSANCE. SA TRÈS LE VIEIL. (and there you have it: a recipe for corruption & power) Limitations of men are the initial consequence of making straight guys afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay. The holocaust was indeed preceded by scapegoating of immigrants, but prior to that of gays. That is the original inquisition. The purpose is to demonize a class so as to associate political foes with that class (liberals as communists.) So the inquisition against gays is to make straight guys afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay. I argue as to the science that this CAUSED THE PROPAGATION OF GAYS. So it is the most masculine insecure, the homicidal religious paranoids, who murder gays, who almost universally turn out being conflicted gays themselves, and/or, they run to where the scapegoaters congregate. In San Diego, attacked Australian tourist John Schneider was mistaken for being gay, the attackers ran to Lou Dobbs / Sarah Palin country (only saying from whence they emanate–I do not know the nature of their psyches or their intentions) in Idaho (I don’t know if the attackers were gay / sorry Idahoans: I’m sure the overwhelming percentage of you are decent, kind, compassionate, loving people who only want happy families with well educated children.) And those of you who understood already that attacking gays might be aimed at increasing population by making straights afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay though that was all that was about. It all enabled ancient despots to rumble. http://sites.google.com/site/holychanges
— August 16, 2009 9:45 p.m.

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