Pro-football pushing San Diego closer to bankruptcy

Don, Your article was picked up by "Library Link of the Day," which means it was blasted worldwide to over 300,000 librarians-- as a single article of note. I learned this from from Arlene Sahraie Library Services Director, Bergen County Cooperative Library System,Hackensack, NJ. who emailed me your article! (I live in Clairemont). If any city in the US were a poster child for the greed and mistakes of the last 10 years, San Diego is it. It's as if our city government, with the nodding somnalent approval of San Diegans, has operated a giant Ponzi scheme of no-accountability. When I say this to my native SD friends, their eyes glaze over and they say, "How 'bout them Chargers, baby!" As Mike Davis's UNDER THE PERFECT SUN, a history of San Diego, tells it, San Diego was founded on the myth of paradise, and it will die with that myth--either by the guns of TJ drug lords or our collapsing city plumbing system or the city workers who have retired with more money than they ever made in their working lives or by the giant potholes that are slowly swallowing our streets. Anyone who doesn't believe it should drive through the condo-ghosttown downtown. Look in the windows of the empty restaurants. Visit La Jolla Shores and see the buckled boardwalk. Visit my local North Clairemont branch library and see the crowds of patrons. (What major city closes its libraries for an entire week at Christmas?!) We are a dying city-- and the tourists will recognize it before San Diegans wake up. IT's not all good. Some days are bad. Thank you for speaking the truth. Sincerely, Alex Finlayson
— December 30, 2008 7:42 a.m.

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