Wake Up, Speak Up

Scrolling over this I don't recall seeing any proposed solutions. I have one but am not really sure how feasible it is. I recognize that there is a problem. That problem is the irresponsible people that wreak havoc at KS Park causing damage to the park, annoying local residents and increasing the need for more law enforcement. My solution: 1.) Outlaw kegs. 2.) Outlaw amplified music except in the case where a permit has been obtained for receptions, reunions, etc. 3.) And this is the big one...opponents of the ban would form an organization that is responsible for collecting donations to fund the procurement of a private security company for the weekends and holidays. The security company would be responsible for enforcing the rules of the park, would act as a deterent and would contact law enforcement before any situation could get out of control. For lack of a better name this organization would be called Citizens for the Responsible Use of Kate Sessions Park...not really catchy but it works. The organization would work with Friends of KSP, the Community Parks I committee and local law enforcement BUT ultimately the responsibility would lie with the organization to reduce the number of incidents to pre-beach booze ban numbers...and lower over time. My suggestion would be a 1 year trail period. After the trail period ends, there would be a review of the organization's progress. If the number of incidents have not been significantly reduced then we would move forward with the ban, BUT if there is a sign of true progress then I would suggest continuing with the organizations work. Is it out there? Yup. Is it expensive? Probably. Is it a flawless plan? Nope. BUT...this is an ACTUAL proposed solution to the problem where as simply banning alcohol at the park only makes it a problem elsewhere.
— April 20, 2010 11:01 a.m.

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