Bubble o' Trouble

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but I find myself again frustrated by your choice of subject and I have to ask a question. Why does your husband drive a car made of fail when you're always talking about the fancy food you eat and the cool places you go? I guess driving a safe, reliable car is pretty far down the priority list when he would rather hook and unhook his battery for every trip rather than give up shopping at Trader Joe's and celebrating (so to speak) spending nearly a thousand dollars by buying pricey blended drinks. (I checked the price on those Hacienda margaritas, too, just out of curiosity. Not completely ridiculous, but also not a drink someone who has actual money problems considers after dropping an unexpected grand.) I shop at Food 4 Less and I think twice (or thrice) before a burger at Boll Weevil, which always involves a coupon. But, while it could really use some paint and body work, my 1991 Honda Civic runs a treat and comes with no excessive risk of electrocution. As a regular reader, Barbarella, I am seriously begging you not to complain about spending money on something necessary when you constantly talk about the incredible amounts of money you and David spend unnecessarily and earn from your, sarcasm alert, labor-intensive and highly necessary jobs as a columnist and a photographer, respectively. (That is, cushy jobs others would kill to have.) Don't pretend. Life is good at the Fokos homestead and if you were just slightly less discerning, you'd seriously have nothing to complain about. Your column is getting less and less fun and I protest because I used to really enjoy it. It's disheartening to feel something you really like slipping away. Bottom line, a diva who complains about money troubles, while still living the diva lifestyle? Jaw drop. Barbarella, meet Reality. Reality, this is Barbarella. She really needs to get in touch with you.
— June 11, 2010 5:30 a.m.

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