California State Bar Rejects Charges Against Mike Aguirre

This is absolute folderol: "Attorney John Kaheny, a former lawyer in the City Attorney’s Office who was highly critical of Aguirre, said the closing of the cases does not mean Aguirre did nothing wrong. “It’s not vindication; it’s just no action,” he said. “In these political cases, (State Bar officials) just don’t want to get involved.” It’s exactly what you should expect from a lawyer whose entire practice has been at the public trough where he has no experience with the nitty-gritty real world give and take inside a trial department handling difficult cases for real people in real distress where losses can be such a bitter disappointment to clients who, on occasion, complain to the bar association about something their lawyer did or didn’t do. Clients’ complaints to the state bar are very definitely taken seriously, no matter how unfounded they may turn out once they’re investigated. No matter how complex the case is, the state bar trial lawyers never say “oh, this is too complicated, we’re closing the case.” For the Bar Associations trial lawyers, many of the complaints they handle fall into familiar patterns which, although serious, can be routine and in time, boring. But send them a case which involves multiple ethical questions on the part of highly visible public figure and you have made their day, their month, indeed their year. Rather than shying away, they dig in with real gusto, they jump in with both feet! I retired after nearly 40 years of trying hundreds of cases not only in San Diego County courtrooms but in courtrooms all around this country where I had to gain permission from state courts and state bars for special permission to appear in other states. Words fail me at how bewildering Kaheny’s statement is. But the fact that people actually believe it leaves me speechless.
— February 11, 2011 4:21 p.m.

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