No cigar

A man and a woman get married and their marriage is supposed fertile generally. When a man or woman marry, they discuss children and sometimes not wanting children and they often change their minds when they choose not to have any. Nature has clearly designed man and a woman to be be parents. NATURE has discriminated against gays by not giving themchildren. Homosexual men have a quarrel with nature and the natural law, not those of us who understand and accept it. The sexual act of buggery is not akin to intercourse. A birth canal is not the same as a rectum. Excrement is not the same as a living human although the abortion industry seems to think so. Any one whether celibate or sisters should be able to transfer their property like married people do especially if they are living in the same. Rights for a friend, even if one is celibate, to visit and have a say in the medical decisions in a hospital should be lawed for. Why discriminate aginst celibate friends? Homoosexual siblings do not have the same impediment to being together sexually as would heterosexual siblings and that is because a gay relationship can never be fertile in the way that marriage is. If we changed the meaning of everything we would not know what to say. Someone born with a penis and XY genes is male however many operations he has and a woman born without male genitals and with female ones with xx genes is female, whatever. Change the truth but it is still there. You are changed.
— October 8, 2008 5:14 p.m.

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