Scan Diego?

The picture featured here should NOT be Doctor Milgrams, but David and Lisa haddad, Daniel gallagher and Chris short! Dr Milgram is a GREAT doctor and very caring. The rest of them are just out to rip people off for money and dont care about anyones health. I used to work for lifescore screening which eventually split into life score managment and life score clinic. Dr Milgram never had any bad intentions and was scammed by the haddads, gallagher and short so they can work under his license, since they got fined in illinios and nevada for not working under a physician. David Haddad is the master mind behind all this scamming people out of their hard earned money. Daniel gallagher knew about haddads past-they had a falling out over other stupid issues. The reports given to customers (imt, ct scans and lab work) were all accurate results for a good price. The problem here is that the company shut down in a very unethical and unprofessional way. They gave no notice to patients/customers and alot of people had paid for services they never received yet. Milgram had nothing to do with any of this. He barely was making any money at Lifescore. Milgram was another person who got suckered into the Haddads scam. Daniel Gallagher was nothing more than an investor who invested his money into the wrong business. He could of done the right thing here but he left alot of people in the dark here when he closed down. The numbers were disconnected, and everyone was wondering if they were going to get a refund while in the meantime he was in the bahamas on a honey moon but refusing to respond or refund anyone money. In the end ALL of the ones who had bad intentions will have it catch up to them. I also, As an employee, was left with no job and no notice that I would be unemployed!!!
— November 25, 2012 7:10 p.m.

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