Carolyn Passeneau

City of Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan

The elderly are currently experiencing "financial abuse of the elderly" in Chula Vista's Mobile-Home Park community. Home-owners who rent space upon which to domicile their coaches, some for as long as 25+ years, are being systematically forced to surrender their owned-homes to mobile-home park owners, who in collusion with Chula Vista City Council members have managed to up the space rents for new buyers on previously "rent control" spaces on their land -- land that is "one in consideration" in the City of Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan. The City is even levying a special fee on the home-owners who are not trying to sell their mobile homes. In essence, many of these senior citizens, most of whom are fixed income retired military, teachers, and widows, are being held captive, not able to sell their homes due to the newly approved new tenant space rent levels by the City Council. If they could move, they would, but they simply cannot afford to turn their homes over to the land-owners. They need to be able to sell their homes for the money required to support their assisted living statuses. The Chula Vista City Council and wealthy land-owners have simply taken on a "no mercy" stance toward the elderly to increase even further their real time and their potential future profit from the sell of the land for the "community good". They sell the homes themselves since they incurred little or no cost in acquiring these homes. The landowners simply take over empty homes that the home-owners cannot continue to pay space rent fees for as they move into assisted living or into a government-operated facility. May God bless, these our elderly who are being treated so shamefully by the City of Chula Vista and the wealthy, ever-greedy land-owners. What goes around, we hope, does truly come around.
— April 21, 2012 12:31 p.m.

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