Will U-T and Republicans Attack Leslie Devaney?

SD blogger. You're a juvenile flame thrower. Vitriol over intelligent discourse every time. I have no time for you. Don: What you say about KPBS makes no sense. How do they present news with a "Copley spin." What does that mean? I don't see them ignoring news. More importantly, why would their reporting on scams potentially piss off Copley? Why would Copley care? That just doesn't ring true. I suspect your real bitch with them is they're fair, that they present both sides of an issue, which you seem to interpret as being a lapdog for Copley. That's a leap of logic into another galaxy, dude. As for the news conference, you're logic again makes no sense. The city I suspect already has insurance. Getting additional coverage AFTER THE SLIDE is likely to be prohibitively expensive, if it's available at all. So what was Aguirre angling at again? What Sanders and his people said is not the issue, by the way. It's what Mike, the lawyer who may defend the city in these matters, said. That TV clip will be the first thing the plaintiff's lawyer shows the jury. Finally, I think we just disagree about the pension lawsuit. You may be right. I hope you are. I just think the practical solution would have been to go to the unions and negotiate a reduction in benefits. If auto makers can win concessions, so could the city. In posting here, I was trying to get you to examine your logic and rethink your rhetoric. You and Pat Flannery and the rest of the crew are determined to tear down the establishment, firing .50-caliber machine guns at every turn. That's fine. Slap them around when they're wrong. But let them up to breathe when they're right.
— October 16, 2007 10:59 p.m.

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