Marriage Protection Act

This attempt to amend our State Constitutional is the majority religion trying to impose their values and opinions on everyone else. They will not rest until they do so and will even lie and cheat to accomplish their goals - talk about having an agenda! I am a gay man who currently has the right to marry; big “Thank you!” California Supreme Court. In March 2009 my partner of 7 years and I will exchange our vows before our friends, family, neighbors, and community at our church. I look forward to sharing in this ritual with the person with whom I share my life - the one who comforts and challenges me. My life is richer and I am a better person because I am with him. But because we are concerned that our rights will be taken away by this amendment, we rushed down to the County Clerk’s office to marry. There has been no time to plan the ceremony or give it the proper place it is due. Our family (living back East) was not able to be present or participate. The ceremony in March will be a celebration of our life together and our relationship. We will ask our family, friends, church, and community to stand with us and support and bless our marriage - and I know they will be there for us. So why should the majority religion impose their principles on me, my family, my church, my community? If they don't want to perform marriages between two men or two women - then don't. The accusation that churches are being forced to do anything against their will is false - as is the accusation that schools will be forced to teach anything. Many religious people are drawn to religion to feel safe because they are afraid. Unfortunately, there are too many religions which prey on people's fear. I am drawn to religion and spirituality to ask better questions and to be a part of a community that is seeking more meaningful answers.
— August 13, 2008 5:13 p.m.

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