Mariners get split with Padres in final Vedder Cup game of series

Refriedgringo I think I understand the point of view that you are trying to convey, but let me add one point of slight disagreement. One must make the distinction between natural rivals who already do play each other every year and the inter-league rival games that were just played. For example, as a Dodger fan, and an Angel fan, I love seeing them play each other in inter-league play and that match up makes total sense. But we have gotten to see them play the freeway series at the end of spring training for as long as I can remember. To me, and most of the Dodger fans I know, our "natural" rival is the Giants. Always has been, always will be. You're a long-time baseball guy, so I don't need to remind you of the pre-inter-league days and those rivalries. Cubs-Cards, Yankees-Red Sox, Phillies-Pirates, Pirates-Reds, and even the Dodgers-Yankees became a pretty heated rivalry because of the World Series. But who is the Padres " natural" rival. As a Padres fan, whom do you consider that team to be. I know as a Dodger fan, for me it's only a secondary, geographical/divisional thing because the Giants will always be the main rivalry. As for the inter-league "rivalry", yeah I agree in a lot of cases it's contrived. Some are obvious, Dodgers-Angels, Yankees-Mets, Giants-A's, Cubs-Sox, And many of these are actually good rivalries. But if MLB is going to schedule league-wide inter-league series, as was this case, then yeah, everybody has to play and at some point, it inevitably becomes more about the geography than the rivalry. It might have made more sense for the Padres and Arizona to host Houston and Texas and for Colorado to play Seattle and the travel is about the same to San Diego, but maybe it was a west coast thing. Who knows. No one outside of the MLB offices has ever said what the league does always makes sense.
— June 1, 2013 10:41 a.m.

New lifeguard statue vandalized in Ocean Beach

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