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Your page lost all credibility with half of San Diego after you quoted Bruce Henderson. This is the same Bruce Henderson who cost the city million of dollars with frivolous lawsuits, a FORMER city council member. (Bruce, don't even answer and give me your can tell me how the lawsuits weren't your fault blah blah blah,,they were. The Chargers stadium issue comes down to one thing: DO YOU WANT A FOOTBALL TEAM. The Chargers will move without public money just as every team would in every city, right or wrong. Yes, they are billion owners. Yes, it sucks. However, think about this: if each citizen who can pay taxes payed $1-2 a month for 30 years we could pay for our part of the stadium. $1-2/mo. for a civic asset that brings together a city unlike any library, airport, or city hall can. Football is an American pasttime that brings together generations, and that my friend, has NO price. The argument that Qualcomm is fine is ridiculous. Take a tour and you will see it is rotting from the inside. I have seen the insides of the tunnels and they are pathetic. San Diego has a sports arena that is completely embarrassing and a stadium that is anything but America's Finest. What the citizens of San Diego have to get past is the argument that a rich owner wants money. This is what happens in pro sports! Is it silly? Maybe. All I know is that my family comes together around the gives us something to bond over. Sports is the ultimate entertainment and if you have been inside Qualcomm on a big game day than you know what I mean. The redevelopment funds are going to be put somewhere and taxes will eventually be raised for some other project...why not this one? I would much rather put my money towards somehting my city can be proud of. Not an outdated library, not a new city hall, but a place where the biggest events come. Somewhere I can one day take my kids and say "this team plays for SAN DIEGO, grandpa used to take me to watch them when I was your age." This is bigger than football and money. This is about our city and an intangible feeling. Remember the buzz in 1994 (if you aren't some transplant)? Yes, that feeling. Thank you for your time.
— December 23, 2009 6:57 p.m.

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