Spread the Wealth

Nice article Dorian. Once again, thanks for calling out the unilateral corruption that continues to exist within the City and it's CDC puppet org. Guess the CDC is not only bypassing bylaws in Golden Hill but now both state codes and the recent legal ruling that went against them regarding the special MAD ripoff. It's amazing to me that they can simply do what they want and totally ignore the will of the people. But hey, I guess they're just mimicing the larger federal governmental macrocosm that is no longer "by the people or for the people" but is rampantly growing at the expense of the people and is basically ignoring and has lost sight of the entire democratic process and U.S. Constitution. Following the feds and in light of their basic bankrupt and overspent state, I guess the City's ultimate goal now is to make us all tax slaves to fund out of control and lopsided employee pensions as well as feel-good low income segment (guess who??) subsidization. I recall the slogans "Don't Tread on Me" and "No Taxation without Representation". I'm sure those slogans will be remembered when the next revolution begins. I wonder what Alexander Hamilton and John Adams would say. Spreading the wealth is right. Or is it redistributing the wealth. They effectively removed public oversight and support from MAD spending and economics with eradification of the powerless MAD oversight committee. Of course in reality, the oversight committee never did have a legal say so the public never really was represented although that was touted in the beginning of this fiasco as one of the very cornerstones of the MAD process. What a joke!!!! Continuing thier debauchery against the recent legal ruling is most audacious and disturbing and speaks to the City's desperation and obvious need to funnel general services moneythat we already pay for through our taxes down to the lower income parts of District 8 down by the border. Never figured out how that one worked?? Shades (Shady actually) of Hueso!! Or is the City now in the business of playing Robin Hood. Maybe they should start running around in green tights with feathers in thier caps and change Golden Hill to Sherwood Forest.
— May 2, 2010 11:19 a.m.

Bypassing Bylaws in Golden Hill

Golden Hill Supporter?? Huh??? How bout Golden Hill CDC Plant!! Geezuz. Obstructionists??? More like patriots who are, or soon to be were I guess, guarding against special interest city criminals using our money for basically whatever they want. Why wouldn't they as we really have no say and never have. And please, do you honestly think that given how the MAD was enacted in the first place that we could expect an honest election of new committee members. Not!!! Absolute power corrupts absolutely and it certainly has and continues in this case. Government is supposed to work for the people. Instead it has and is evermore turning into a rampantly growing, self perpetuating, ten headed-monster fed by an ever increasing demand for taxpayer dollars to support its uncontrolled growth. Where will it end?? I'll bet the CDC's insatiable demand for MAD money will equate to a guaranteed annual 5% raise of our MAD taxes from here on out. And nobody will there be to stop them!!! And ever increasing and duplicative taxes is significant for people who own a home on a fixed income and must utilize health programs that Obama wants to now eradicate. Eradicate...so he can cater to the whims of the parasitic, expanding illegal Mexican horde whose 18-year per anchor baby welfare-supported stipend has and is both far outstripping and has destroyed most funding mechanisms in California on multiple levels. All for the sake of a vote. Maybe if the San Diego public would vote out the ridiculous pensions that virtually worthless city workers amass and vote in for themselves (huh???), the city would have more money (way more money actually) and wouldn't need MAD's at all. So really the MAD's are really nothing more than fiscal chicanery to compensate for corruption and self-promotion at the highest levels of city government. And that's part of the global U.S. governmental mentality and corrupt macrocosm that you're supporting with this MAD microcosm. Is that really where you want to be?? If so, I feel sorry you because you've been blinded to the much larger truth. Anyway, I applaud all of the outgoing MAD advisory committee members who dedicated thier time and effort against corrupt and virtually powerless odds to conserve our very valuable tax dollars. Thank you all. Job well done.
— September 18, 2009 7:30 p.m.

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