There's Been an Accident. Jadean Didn't Make It.

To those of you who had the gall to make those nasty comments, not only SHAME ON YOU, But you are DEEPLY misinformed about Staci. I understand that most of you may not know Staci personally, but I do. And she is an incredible woman. Your comments brought me to near tears, because I knew her daughter as well. After I read those uncalled for comments, I had to put my own “two-cents” in. It's difficult to find any words that would not become retaliation, so I came up with a different perspective for you, My Own. Jadean was my brother's best friend, and was over at our house the night before she died watching RENT and giggling like crazy. We bonded over the ridiculous Dress Code,as well as other things. She was an incredibly happy girl, who always brought light into every room she walked in. The moment I found out she had died, I couldn’t believe it. I hadn't known the complete story yet, I just heard it was an accident, and that she was gone. I watched Jadean and Shelby drive off that day with Doug, it was the last time I ever saw her breathing. I kept thinking, “What if I told them not to go?” The next morning I could barely get myself up to go to school, but I had to.The silence that immediately followed my entry into my first period's classroom, was overwhelming..Surrounded by Grief counselors and those who were friends with Jadean, Shelby came in to tell us the "real story" of what happened.Hit with disbelief, I didn't want to question it then, tears filled my eyes and the “truth” crushed me. When we were asked to return to class, I was then confronted by a person I already disliked with a comment that made my heart drop to the floor. "She deserved to die… She should have worn her [explicit] seat belt." and a few other things I would rather not include. Your comments, (Those I mentioned in the beginning of my letter) remind me of that particular comment that was said to my face. Completely heart wrenching. I cannot even imagine how Staci feels right now.Jadean’s viewing then came up, which was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I can't even imagine how it was for her family. My heart felt as though it stopped beating when I walked up to her casket. I couldn’t bear standing there for longer than a minute, so I placed what I wanted her to have inside, and ran out. The funeral was standing room only. To celebrate her birth, rather than mourn her death,March 30,we decorated her headstone with gifts,and strategically spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADEAN, WE LOVE YOU with plastic cups in the fence of the cemetery. Yes, Jadean and Shelby, SHOULD NOT have gotten into his car in the first place, but that blame DOES NOT lie on Staci. My mother is also a single parent, and I have made some pretty hasty decisions in my life as well, but you DO NOT blame those AMAZING women for their children's mistakes. HOW DARE YOU. As for Doug... Yeah... Well. Staci, my prayers are always with you. Rest In Peace Jadean. <33 We Love You.
— June 23, 2008 12:09 a.m.

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