Bob the Hermit Crab

Seana: OB to me is neither a place nor a destination, it is a state of mind, it is spiritual fulfillment and hopefully Barney, the big dog; bob the crab; and I will become more than what we now are - almost daily visitors. I do not shop at Wings, I avoid not only the OB Starbucks but all Starbucks. The kid approached me on the street with "bob" having been granted permission by the pleasant clerk. I refused to enter, her Aunt from Seattle does not share my sensitivity. I "found" OB in 1985 when my daughter entered SDSU. My return has been a long time coming and I was gratified to find that in 24 years while there have been changes, ,much of the original gritty splendor I discovered at the ol' Quiggs and in the charming neighborhoods remains and when I hit West Pt Loma after crossing Sunset Cliffs, all those 24 year old feelings still speak to me. While I have loved many, OB owns my soul. The small village I left, South Pasadena, has no "big box" stores and has fought the powers of LA county and Cal Trans for over 50 years stopping a major connecting freeway that would dissect the city - a feat for a city of 27,000 with 3.5 sq miles and a 51% renter population. In other words, I fully appreciate both the content and spirit of your comment and look forward to joining your cause. I am however, grateful for this Clairemont experience not only because 8 miles away beats 120 miles and living here, while pleasant, well I think you can understand how my passion to maintain what OB is has become even more intense. Tennyson Clark [email protected]
— May 9, 2009 9:36 a.m.

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