Monster Truck Shows -- death of a 6 and 93-year-old

I am very saddend to hear about the tragic death of the six year old at the monster truck event. I'm sure he was very excited to be there as is with most any child. Children are for the most part what keeps the monster truck industry going, kids love them, and the drivers love the kids. You ask any driver why they do what they do and they will tell you that its mostly for the small fans.I'm sure the driver of the truck was devestated and it will be something that will haunt him the rest of his life. My heart goes out to both the childs family and the driver of the truck. Safety is something that's not taken lightly at racing events, promoters, drivers, racing teams,even crew members try to do the best job they can to make the vehicles, drivers, and most of all the people there to watch as safe as possible. Sure the vehicles are loud but thats part of what makes it so exciting. Besides most of the kids at all the events i've been too are usually wearing ear protection. I would have to say that with all the years that monster trucks have been around now, they have an excellent record for being one of the safest racing events to attend. I will also like to say that if you ask any small child which one they would rather go too, monster truck races or legoland i garuntee you they'll pick the trucks. I lost a brother at a sprint car race when a wheel came off of a car and flew through a gate. He and another boy were playing in front of the stands down by the fence. Both were crushed, the other boy survived but my brother died on the way to the hospital. He was just getting ready to turn 10yrs old. My dad was on the track racing and our family was there watching. Yes freak accidents do happen and its always tragic when they do. But they are far and few between. My dad never held any ill feelings against the driver of the car that lost the wheel or the sport. Until he passed away he continued to watch the races even though he sold his race cars and to this day my mother will still watch the races.
— January 28, 2009 3:02 p.m.

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