Under Barack Obama life is becoming a blinding fog. Americans see their legendary liberty, prosperity and sovereignty evaporating into the mist of an advancing new global order where we are being intentionally diminished in every conceivable way. Realizing they're being deceived and misled, they're doing two things simultaneously: Preparing themselves and their families for hard times, and organizing and working as diligently as possible to save their troubled country. America as it has long been known and loved – is disintegrating. It is becoming a more lawless place, one where the old rules, the old standards, values, understandings and laws no longer hold sway. And it starts at the top. Obama contemptuously tramples the supreme law of the land, which he has publicly condemned as "fundamentally flawed": Obama's Justice Department, under Attorney General Eric Holder, refused to prosecute the most brazen case of voter intimidation in modern history, starring club-wielding New Black Panther thugs. Not only is Team Obama unconcerned with stopping the tidal wave of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. from Mexico, but when one state, Arizona, passed a law to enforce federal immigration laws, Obama's Justice Department sued Arizona to halt the enforcement. An overwhelming majority of Oklahomans, 70 percent, voted in November to exclude Shariah law – the barbaric 7th century legal system that amputates limbs of shoplifters, stones women to death for adultery and burns homosexuals alive – But then one judge overturned the law, leaving the door open to become a guiding principle in an American courtroom. With such contempt for the rule of law at the top, no wonder leftists around the country are becoming increasingly and openly lawless. Respect for law is breaking down in America. Those on the hard left, encouraged by our radical-in-chief, are increasingly rising up and revealing themselves as the lawless revolutionary ground troops they truly are. ACORN is back and the unions are just getting warmed up. Now that we're heading into the 2012 presidential election cycle, be warned: Obama and his people will do whatever they possibly can – legal or illegal, moral or immoral – to win the 2012 election. Remember that community organizing guru Saul Alinsky, whose teachings Obama said were 'seared into my brain' and provided 'the best education I ever had,' taught that it's perfectly fine to violate your own 'individual conscience' – in other words, to lie, steal and cheat – in order to accomplish what is 'good for mankind.'" We're now in the midst of a civil war between two Americas – between traditional middle-class, hard-working, Judeo-Christian America and the angry, deluded, redistributionist, utopian left. Only one side can prevail. So, be prepared fight the good fight to restore our culture, economy and constitutional government. The lawlessness on the left is only going to increase."
— May 13, 2011 1:38 p.m.


Obama is incapable of making a decision. Anyone who tries to argue against that fact is simply avoiding the truth. We’ve had two years to prove that, right? The man cannot decide on anything himself. He waits to be told what to think. That is how he functions, if you can call it that. He’s a barely functioning 'president', and that is a big reason why Our Country is in so much trouble and he's so dangerous. His primary source of direction is Valerie Jarrett, who has no real experience with this kind of leadership. She manipulates. She schemes. She’s a product of the most radicalized section of Chicago. And the 'First Lady' is cut from the exact same cloth. And so they take this weak man, who has been told what to say and think all of his life, and they continue to do just that – tell him what to think and say. But that’s where things are falling apart – Valerie Jarrett doesn’t really understand national politics, or international leadership – most people don’t. So the messaging that comes from the 'president' is uncertain because it’s Jarrett’s uncertainty we are seeing. Jarrett understands some of what is going on in the country, but Obama understands none of it, and so between the two of them, we get this idiot 'president' who is almost completely detached from the responsibilities of being President of the United States. Take away the canned political speech, take away the like minded crowds of supporters, and Obama is completely lost. He has been running away from the job of president since day one. Does anyone really believe that isn’t true anymore? Read more:
— May 13, 2011 11:17 a.m.

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