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"Since you apparently do not like living here (police state????), why do you stay?" I live here part of the year. Most of the year I travel. San Diego is very dear to me and has so much unrealized potential. God blessed it, and the people have done nothing/ made it worse. Example: Name one Architectural Achievement in San Diego (not including the Coronado Bridge)? "FYI, conventions are up, tourism is up and many people are visiting our fair city." False. Read the San Diego Business Journal (typically a pro-San Diego Propaganda Machine, so you know if they write negative things about San Diego, its pretty bad). "Especially Europeans, since the dollar is down." Of course. They are the only ones spending money now. But because of San Diego's restrictive nightlife, you don't get the Jet Setting Europeans that spend $15,000 in a weekend here. They go to Miami Beach, LA, SF and Vegas. "I was at Stingaree the other night and it did not appear to need life support." Go on a Sunday, Monday, Tues, Wed and Most Thursday nights. Deader than Ghengis Khan. "My suggestion is for you to "move it on out" to one of those places with more enlightened cultures." Again, I travel a lot. Sounds like you need to get out and see the world a little too. "My suggestion is for you to "move it on out" to one of those places with more enlightened cultures. Before you go, please fill us in on the details. Where are these cultures? Apparently they do not have to be at work in the morning hours as they are still partying at 6 am????? If dinner is at 11 pm, then breakfast is at noon??" New York City Miami Beach Buenos Aires Budapest St. Tropez Goa, India Caracas Toronto Athens Las Vegas (although I wouldn't say it is more "enlightened" Barcelona Amsterdam Ibiza Moscow Rio de Janeiro Just off the top of my head
— November 5, 2008 10:18 a.m.

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