Media Hawk, March

“Arguably, the missing details — omitted intentionally, it appears — constitute an even more egregious journalistic failure than the (somewhat) subtler shading” –Moss Gropen Gropen, you should “turn on the heat” and do some fact checking yourself in order to “shed some [real] light” of your neoliberal cognitive response to mainstream media. First, you forgot to mention that when the KKKoala went on air that morning—a rogue broadcast that was unsanctioned by SRTV—besides defending their racist rhetoric and actions, they also stated that the black population at UCSD where a bunch of “Ungrateful N-----s.” Also, on the floor of the SRTV set after the building was inspected, a note was found that said “Compton Lynching.” Now, these omissions might avail a simple defense; however, it sounds like the kkkoala people are creating an environment of fear and violence on the UCSD campus, and for the students of color that do feel “Real Pain”, WWWIII is an understatement. Furthermore, the “laundry” list of demands that were conceded by Chancellor Fox, i.e. the “free tutoring” is part UCSD’s commitment to diversity. Simply stated, what the Black Student Union call for is to have the same access to educational programs that other students have, like the “free tutoring” that student athletes receive for being good at something that has nothing to do with academia. To be more precise, “free tutoring” is part of many higher institutions commitment to student success and they are funded mostly through student fees, fees that I pay as a student at UCSD, like that of athletic departments across most public institutions. In other words, since UCSD is a public institution, then it needs to be responsible for maintaining an equitable and just educational system. Finally, in your view, because “Jiggaboo Jones” is black, then the “Compton Cook-out” cannot be held as what it truly was, a racist minstrel party. The rhetoric of a post-Obama/ post-racial society is simply far from the truth. A simple look at Tea Baggers would suffice. However, like black performers during the height of minstrel shows, minstrelsy was the only avenue for black performers to enter “Hollywood” life. However, the fact that blacks also entertained white audiences in double black face does not erase, minimize or legitimize the material and discursive structures of black oppression. In its historical legacy, “Jiggaboo Jones” is no exception to this rule.
— March 12, 2010 2:36 a.m.

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