Busted: Dumanis Denies Involvement in Pines Case, Photos Tell a Different Story

'I mean, think about that. Lawyers are some of the slimiest people on Earth, right?' Walter !! Isn't that the truth! What a question! Bravo! That is a World Class blog! Paid extortionist? Liars? Thieves? LOL! Reading these stories about Dumanis and her lack of prosecution for attorneys who commit crimes, and are in process of being disbarred is amazing. Now let's talk about that quaint little town called Carlsbad in California. What is it with this town?!! Here we have two attorneys being disbarred with one getting some attention from the media, and the other attorney getting relatively little attention by the District Attorneys office nor the media press. Which is the bigger case for Dumanis? Which leads us to Patricia A Gregory out of carlsbad. What is it with this town? Is it a 'ripe spot' for alleged client theft? Which leads us to Patricia A Gregory, attorney in Carlsbad. Here we have an attorney who is alleged to have stolen over $107,000.00 from a couple clients, with a total missapropriation charge of over $112,000.00!! The state bar court decision is disbarment! I have been reading online reports of this case, but only a few reports on Patricia Ann Gregory tucked in with the rest of the ... 'can I say slime?'. What is going on here? I have furthermore heard through these brief online reports that this Lawyer Gregory that I read about use to work for the DA office? Reading the court decision on the State Bar Website I find this case is truely amazing. Amazing how you ask? NO LEADING MEDIA NEWSPAPER STORIES or CHARGES BY THE DA OFFICE !!!! enough said
— September 14, 2011 10:15 a.m.

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