Nowhere To Go

To Bookwarren: You think you have such a simple solution. You obviously do not know any homeless people or have not spent any fair amount of time around them. As far as stating that the mentally ill should be institutionalized, you are extremely ignorant. Yes, maybe the super psychos, the ones that are really bad. But some of these people have more simpler types of mental illness, that are not a threat to anyone, nor do they talk to themselves. For instance, PTSD, which affects not only the military, but also affects women, who had super violent ex-husbands whom they had to go in hiding from and constantly look over their shoulder. I know many of them. They are messed up with flashbacks, etc., but they don't cause anyone any trouble, and they do not deserve to be institutionalized. The flashbacks are very troubling, even with medications, and they have not been able to maintain employent. They are waiting on their SSI, and have no where safe to go, as the available shelter beds do not even put a dent in the homeless population. They don't bother anyone, don't beg, they stay clean, they try their best not to pee and poo on the ground until they find a bathroom, but that's not always possible to get to in time. As far as helping those who have no jobs, that's a good idea, but how? There's people with homes who can't find work, because there are way less jobs than there are people available to work. Who's going to help them? There just is no simple solution because homeless people are not just lumped into 3 separate categories.
— October 15, 2009 12:06 a.m.

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