The Tyranny of Those Tests

I disagree with Ms. Castilleja. One of the primary reasons for more students attending San Diego State is due to Compact for Success. Thank you Dr. Brand for that! Unfortunately the previous Superintendent was so focused on test scores and proving that he was 'turning things around' that it ended up resulting in the exact opposite - we are now involved in State Program Improvement Year """""3"""""". I am interested in this test that Sweetwater devised. Based on all the Community has learned recently about what was really going in, I do NOT believe that Ms. Castilleja, who I assume (apologize if I am wrong) came up with said test; or ANYONE ELSE AT SWEETWATER needs to be preparing ANY additional tests for our students. Our District pays thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands yearly for 'consultants', these dollars are coming out of the very budgets that would be better served by hiring more teachers thereby lowering class size. Sweetwater, does NOT get it. It is apparent that those in charge of curriculum at the District level have failed and therefore should be replaced. Our students are not being served well by this District. Our Teachers are struggling with large class size, lack of recognition, and misused tax dollars. Our students are deserving of much more. We are in debt up to our eye balls and yet the District fails to acknowledge the Program Improvement issue, fails to deal with the large drop out rate, and has yet to deal with the struggling African American students. We are being consistently hit with justifiable investigations i.e. recent Special Ed issue (State found us noncompliant) which takes the focus off of the task at hand. Rather than simply commenting here, it would serve the Community as well if all reading this article would attend the Board Meetings. Currently we have only ONE Board Member who appears to focus her interests and efforts on the students and fiscal responsibility of the tax payers dollars - Ms. Bertha Lopez. Try to attend and then make up your own minds on how we can improve. As a side note, the South Bay community owes Ms. Susan Luzzaro for her continued interest in the students - they are after all our hope for the future. Ms. Luzzaro has long been a source of information for us all. Thank You Ms. Luzzaro!
— September 21, 2011 7:38 p.m.

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