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Unabashed Nazism?

Emily, Thank you for your letter. It’s wonderful that you volunteer your time with the Border Angels. They are great organization. I wanted to correct a few of your corrections. If you look at the photo from the day I did the water drop you will see nearly everyone is holding not ONE, but TWO separate gallons of water. Most, if not everyone in my hiking group carried two gallons of water into the desert. Also, I never said that most of the gallons were slashed. I believe on my hike we found two or three slashed gallons. All of which were placed in a plastic trash can carried by a volunteer who picked up trash on the way. I noticed that many of the negative comments on Facebook blasted the Border Angels for trashing the desert. That is far from the truth. I was impressed that in addition to carrying gallon jugs a volunteer also carried a trash bag to clean the desert along our hike. Anyway, I believe there was a quote where Jackie mentions on one trip, 50 out of 53 gallons were slashed. Just to clarify, I am not in charge of the Reader’s social media pages. I don’t write the captions they use when posting articles. Also, you mentioned I was stereotyping when I said that there were mostly young Hispanic volunteers. When I arrived at the Border Angel’s headquarters that was the case and was not a misrepresentation. Like I described in the article many of the volunteers I spoke with were motivated to attend because they had uncles, brothers, sisters and parents who had entered the US through the desert. It was beautiful and emotional to speak with them during the experience. As for the mention of Kirsten as a lawyer, she is lawyer. The day I was there she told the group that she volunteers with the Border Angels giving legal advice to use her abilities to help others. I am not certain, but I believe you might be correct about Jonathon Yost. I think I confused him with another individual. As for the term illegal, the word is used twice in the article. First it is used in reference to a Pew research study, and lastly it is used in quotes. When it is said in quotes, I immediately correct the person who used the term. I understand that individuals are not illegal. Siobhan Braun
— August 23, 2017 10:46 a.m.


Cool. What a small town we live in :)
— May 15, 2013 7:32 p.m.

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