Do You Live Close to Snoop Dogg?

ha ha I win
— August 2, 2009 10 p.m.

Do You Live Close to Snoop Dogg?

"Is he a victim or is he a thug?" That question right there represents the entire reason why inner city poor people will never be able to get out. Ever. They're still blaming anyone else but themselves. I've been laid off before and the last thing I've thought about is mugging some old lady or breaking into my neighbors house. I'll submit that the Author's friend is neither victim nor thug: he's an idot. You have to be an idiot to join an gang much less stay in one for 20 years. Joining a gang guarantees 10-15 years of life (if you live that long) on the bottom of the pile of life. Join a gang and you'll never go anywhere in life. You'll never see anything or do anything worthwhile. You'll never get an education so you'll never have any foundation for a career, which means you'll always have bottom-feeder jobs which means money will always be a problem. Money may not buy happiness but it can certainly buy your way out of misery. I guess gangs must do some things that are positive, because gang-bangers are so proud of their colors, their crappy litle neighborhoods, their tags etc. But we all know gang bangers aren't too proud to take a hand-out. What I mean is that the people in that commercial you can't grasp are the people that are paying the taxes so you can keep your little gang-baanging party on track. We're supporting your blunts, your 40oz'ers, your spray paint, your beatings, knifings and shootings, all the babies you can't afford, you free healthcare and the monthly government assitance you have no problem collecting. So you want us to feel sorry that you can't relate to a tourism commercial? Please, spare me. You and your gang buddies have selected a path in life that leads straight to a dead end - don't blame the people trying to work 60 hr weeks, raise decent kids, keep their neighborhoods safe and clean and find one or two hours on the weekend to relax. On behalf of the people in that commercial and what it represents, please take your stupid story and slide back in to the crappy little hole you came from, because we're too busy picking up your slack to care. Don't feel bad though, my dad always used to say that we need stupid poor folks because ditches don' get dug by themselves.
— August 2, 2009 9:09 a.m.

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