Movie Pet Peeves

--Poor research into basic military customs and courtesies, uniforms, etc. like you with music, I love it when they get it right. But I can barely watch if they get it wrong. I've noticed that there are no bad movies that have perfect military stuff. It seems like if they've taken the time to get this small element right, they've taken the time to write a good, plausible story. All they need to do is hire a good technical consultant or do some basic research. "A Few Good Men" is a good example. There's a scene where a Marine salutes indoors uncovered (without a hat). Just doesn't happen. The rest of the movie is outlandish too but I don't expect them to make a movie about the banalities of military investigations and courtroom procedure. I just want them to get the easy stuff right. --Background (Also). I was an extra in the movie Pearl Harbor. It was shot in Rosarito in the same huge tank as Titanic. It was a great gig. 100 bucks a day (sometimes for just a few hours), plus free hotel room. I was in the military at the time, so this was like having somebody pay me to go on vacation. Anyway, the funny thing was how eager everyone was to be in the movie. The Assistant Director would call for 6 guys and about 20 would jockey for position to get in. The water was cold and many were in full costume. My costume was underwear. I laid on a beach chair and got a tan. They would tell them "ok your getting shot" and these guys would WAY overdo it. You can't even see them in the movie though. Some shots were probably ruined because of it. If it got hot or they needed everybody, I'd get in so I got killed in 3 or 4 different scenes. Which leads to another point that I agree with you on, and that's romance. When we were doing this movie, Michael Bay (cursed be his name) told us that this film was about honoring us and telling the true story of Pearl Harbor. We spent about 2 weeks doing this. There were so many scenes and explosions and stunts shot, we thought it would be the bulk of the movie. I would have walked out of the theater if I hadn't kept looking for myself. I've only seen part of it 1 time since. He absolutely destroyed that movie with the romance. That movie wasn't even about Pearl Harbor. I won't ever pay to see another Michael Bay movie.
— August 6, 2009 3:05 p.m.

Bad Cops and a Bad Bank Teller

"I like to think pointing anything...a cell phone, a pencil, pen, or your finger, at a cop, should result in you getting shot." Come on, a finger? Its easy to knock down this argument. Maybe you're just being facetious but consider the consequences if you're not. This gives the cops an excuse to shoot anybody, even you if they choose. All they would have to say is "He pointed his finger (or pencil) at me,." even if you didn't. That was the point of my last argument. An average citizen's life isn't any less valuable than a cop's. "Officer Safety" is not paramount to every other value such as preservation of life and protection of liberty. Cops too often justify everything just so they "can make it home at the end of the shift." "A cop shouldn't have to wait, and try to figure out if you have a gun, or you're just messing around with your hand. Yes, they should. The law already is very lax for cops in this area. It says that an officer may use deadly force in a situation when a reasonable and prudent person would fear for their life. They already use the lame "waistband" excuse way too often. If everybody who messed around with their hands or pointed something at cops got shot, you'd see a lot more hatred and possibly dismantling of the police system. "A person that plays games like that, is someone I don't want alive in society." Good thing you don't get to decide! Some people who don't cooperate or do stuff like this have mental problems or don't speak English. Summary execution is not in order for these people or anybody who doesn't pose a true threat.
— August 4, 2009 6:27 p.m.

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