SDPD -- Got An Attitude?

i am writing this as a cyclist, not a weekend Lycra wearing racer (i do that also). but as a person who lives on and relies on bicycles for transportation on a daily basis no matter the weather or distance. i am also a cyclist that has been participating in critical mass since the ride was only 15-30 people. though i no longer live in san diego, moving north a few months ago, i am quite familiar with critical mass. to call it an anarchist event is ridiculous. to say that there is a political agenda, is also ridiculous. saying that a group of cyclists must ride in a single file line is little more than a myth that you made up yourself. a cyclist is allowed full use of the lane and is only required to be in the slow lane... a bicycle cannot prevent the flow of normal traffic as they are normal traffic. critical mass simply creates the equivalent of rush hour traffic on the freeway. a group of cyclists riding the same direction and taking up an entire lane vs. a group of cars (much larger numbers) taking up the entire freeway in stop and go traffic for hours on end. rush hour traffic does not need permits to operate, neither does critical mass... there is no organization to apply for or plan the ride, as the article stated. the police have also made it very clear in the early days of the ride that they would prefer we did continue through the lights even if they are red to keep the group together, also telling us that we should control traffic for ourselves seeing as how "wasn't their problem". i am not disagreeing that as the numbers get larger on the ride there have been problems such as cyclists riding into on coming traffic or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol while on bicycle... but it is in no way the job of the public, the motorists or others to decide how to handle this... it is the job of the police to cite people for breaking the law on either side. it is horrible that the police would act so carelessly as to not protect and serve the public, law abiding or not. after reading this and all of the comments made afterwords, i fear for all of my fellow cyclists on the already dangerous roadways of san diego county.
— December 10, 2008 1:36 p.m.

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