Filner, Goldsmith slated to meet tomorrow

I've been following along with all the posts and comments and as every accusation has come about in the media, and there is not one single thing, or even all of the allegations combined, in my opinion, that warrant the Mayor's resignation. Besides Irene, all of the alleged misconduct was before he was mayor and if it was an issue, should've been brought forward before the election. As for Irene, just seeing her and my gut tells me she was okay with him until she wasn't...I worked with a woman like that who sued for sexual harassment and got a settlement that barely covered her legal expenses. Everyone knew it was total BS. I hope the recall fails, I hope the Mayor continues to fight this, and then I hope he countersues...for the private invesitgators tailing him, for the seemingly illegal hotline/witchunt, for slander/libel by Allred, for harassment from Jan (talk about HOSTILE work environment. F that guy!) If you follow the money, follow the interests, follow all of the people who benefit if Filner goes away, follow who all of these ladies worked/work for and with whom they are aligned...not to mention the uphill battle of any democrat being elected in the vacancy after this "scandal", there are plenty of people who stand to gain if Filner resigns or is recalled. All of this seems perfectly timed...get him out just in time for Cabrillo bridge renovations, slip in the Jacobs bypass bridge, and millions of dollars up for grabs for the Centennial celebration in 2015, and you understand the urgency to rush him out. To answer your question, Randy, a criminal conviction of a criminal offense that occurred while he's been mayor would satisfy my desire for due process. Even then, the level of corruption on all sides...the district attorney, the sheriffs, the police, the uber complacent and even corroborating media, the council, and yes, even on the mayor's side, makes a real, fair, truthful court case and impartial jury seem impossible. So maybe the reality is that no matter how this turns out, we're pretty much screwed all around. The likelihood of a truly progressive mayor in San Diego basically lived and died with Filner. -Rosemary Bystrak
— August 19, 2013 12:48 a.m.

A San Diego Guide to SXSW

Sorry---my phone is limiting but Ryan Blue & I (Rosemary Bystrak of just added a show: osemary Bystrak wrote: the Heavy Guilt wrote: we hit our first sxsw showcase on thursday at 5 pm at the sahara lounge. 1413 webberville road, austin. also on the bill, fierce creatures 1pm, sour soul 2pm, a scribe amidst the lions 3pm, & dead feather moon 4pm. event starts at noon. free and open to the public. 21+ The Heavy Guilt plays at 5 if that wasn't clear
— March 14, 2012 1:20 p.m.

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