Guys Are Gross

I kind of rambled on but “just saying” my opinion. First, thanks to all military that serve but don't be taken advantage of by sleazy girls. I’ve heard since this is a military town that young naive military especially not from SD that get based here will waste most of their paycheck paying for girl’s drinks or gifts etc. The girls get used to this & expect all guys to do this. The bad thing is that there are fewer girls (especially friendly ones) in SD than other places like LA or OC & on average the girls there seem prettier too. My guess is that LA attracts a lot of aspiring actresses that tend to have better than average good looks. LA & OC unfortunately have worse traffic, smog & crime rates/gangs etc. But LA is a bigger town with more places & city life things to do. So staying in SD means less traffic/smog/crime & girls then LA/OC but not by much for first three. The worst thing is that because of this even average looking girls act like their too good for some guys. Especially if a girl with average looks is fit or skinny then they really think they’re hot. Now if you do find a good looking girl who is also fit & skinny in SD then watch out. Of course there are always exceptions but they’re rare in SD. In most cases the pretty & nice ones are usually married or committed to someone. That is great if they are not just using that guy. I understand it goes both ways. Some guys will only give pretty girls attention & some guys are a-holes just trying to screw everything they can. It is why I try to stick with one committed girl as long as I can from just the fear of STDs. This said not all pretty girls in SD are stuck up, using guys or expecting guys to pay for everything but they are in short supply. I grew up poor & hear how women want equality but still want all the perks of the past. What I think is sad is when a girl can’t even pay for herself & expects the guy to always pay. It’s really unattractive that a modern girl uses her looks to get what she wants & can’t support herself with anything else. Get some self-respect & feel proud that you are able to pay your own way! I don’t understand how a guy is considered gross for noticing someone dressing skimpily. Don’t get me wrong I like seeing some skin but hate girls acting like it’s gross that you noticed. You want the attention but act like you should be upset unless a guy you think is hot notices. Then it’s OK. What is gross is girls acting like a hooker expecting guys to pay just for their company too. Girls should appreciate a guy’s company as equal worth to their company or its just prostitution. I’m told I’m above average good looking guy & financially I’m doing very well based off a skilled work not looks. I like girls with similar characteristics. I noticed when I go other places cities, states & especially other countries it seems like girls are much friendlier. I try to treat all people equally regardless of looks.
— September 1, 2012 4:17 p.m.

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