The Unkindest Cut: Countdown to a C-Section

This is a super timely article, as I'm currently seven months preggers. After submitting my birth plan to my doctor who delivers exclusively at Mary Birch, I was told that she does not support delayed cord clamping. I called another really reputable practice--- to see if I could find another option, another Mary Birch doctor. The second practice I called has about six doctors including some of the best perinatologists who work at Mary Birch. The coordinator (not the receptionist) there had not even heard of delayed cord clamping... which I did not think was "so radical." Heck- there was an article in the NYT science section in support of it on Nov. 28, 2011. Anyway, after being shot down twice, I finally called the UCSD Birthing Center. Not only are they family with this procedure and are "ok" practicing it, they say many women opt to do it (very unlike the response I rec'd from the Mary Birch doctors). It is really unfortunate b/c my husband and I do not consider ourselves hippies and really wanted to deliver at Sharp/ Mary Birch (where he was born). We just want some natural, non-medicated options, but the more we investigate and hear about Mary Birch, their nurses who are not so familiar or welcoming of natural options, we do not feel that this is no longer an option for us. We are among the lucky ones in that our insurance allows us to choose whatever hospital we want... In terms of PR/crisis communications, I definitely think that Mary Birch spokespeople should have addressed the issues posed in this article- they chose not to comment/respond... and by offering some doula training sometime in 2012 is not much of a solution. I realize that changes do not come overnight. In the meantime, it is likely that Mary Birch will continue to have the reputation of being not-so friendly, knowledgeable or welcoming of natural, non-medicated deliveries. Thank you for this article. It basically sealed our decision to switch to UCSD (or Scripps).
— December 24, 2011 11:19 p.m.

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