No Confidence Petition for Sweetwater's Ed Brand

The Sweetwater school district, like all districts, is a PUBLIC agency. Their purpose is to provide the best education possible for the students of the district. According to the UT, Sweetwater is one of the few districts where STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT SCORES DROPPED over the last year. The district should be investing their energy now in some serious problem solving and needs assessment about academic improvement to ensure that the students are getting the best possible education. Unfortunately, the district leadership seems much more interested in protecting their own political aspirations and lucrative deals. The Board should be ashamed that there have not been community forums about the qualities the community wants in a superintendent. They should be embarrassed by how their actions have demoralized the district employees and tarnished the district's reputation. Solving the complex issues in education today requires everyone in the community working together. Major decisions that will effect over 40,000 students should be made in an open, honest and transparent manner , where everyone 's input is valued. Hiding the decision about the appointment of a permanent superintendent behind a vague posting (Brown Act violation) in a Special Meeting, hastily called (violation of AB 1344) is a cowardly move and shows the Board's disdain for the public they are supposed to represent. Shame on them. And shame on us if we don't rise up as a community and say enough is enough. We demand leadership that leads in an ethical manner, and respects the people they were ELECTED to represent.
— September 8, 2012 10:34 p.m.

Occupy Sweetwater Activist Cleared of Allegations Made by Boardmember

I am glad the truth is coming out and McCann was not granted a permanent restraining order by the judge. McCann's continued bizarre behavior (filming speakers from the dias? having the republican party send out a robocall about McCann's decision on a board action that hadn't been voted on yet? running away from a recall petition? and let's not forget the famous "your people" YouTube video!) seems to indicate a person who does not have the right personality to be holding public office. McCann should resign from the board, forego any future political involvement, and carry on with his life as a private citizen, husband and father. He is an embarrassment to the Sweetwater District and South Bay community. Republican Party leadership - are you listening? The South Bay is laughing at McCann, but tired of his antics. He is a liability for the Republicans - if you can't control him then cut him loose. Surely there are more qualified Republicans out there who know how to hold a public office with dignity and ethics. McCann has neither. (And please - to all the commenters to this article - I know I just gave you a perfect opening.... try to resist - it is too easy!) The scary part is that most people I have talked to believe that he won't just let this fade away, and will instead orchestrate some other "event" to bring the TRO back to the judge. Or find some other way to call attention to himself yet again. We will watch and see. McCann if you are reading this - remember the boy who cried wolf... Your credibility is gone, time to stop. ps - another great article Susan. Thanks.
— May 11, 2012 7:43 a.m.

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