Encinitas City Council Candidate Tony Kranz Accused of “Attack”

The author of this article did not do his research or at least failed in presenting all the facts of this incident. I was the organizer of the event that Roger Ogden was protesting. It was a Town Hall meeting featuring Congressman Bob Filner and radio personality Stacy Taylor. A couple of days before the event we found out from Roger Ogden's website that he was encouraging others to create a disturbance at our meeting. On researching Roger Ogden further we decided we needed to hire a Security Guard for the event. Here is a link to a image of the poster Roger Ogden was carrying that day: Roger Ogden was there to provoke others and to bring attention to his views, anyway possible. Here is a quote from Mr. Ogden. "The sign is designed to provoke in order to draw people’s attention to the Nazi-like racism of the doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years. I have found that I do not have to do anything except display the sign for people to go ballistic." Here is another quote of Mr. Ogden I found on line: “Hitler suggested that Jews should be ga[s]sed in Mein Kampf… The doctrine of Obama’s church advocates white genocide. Both were ignored. Doesn’t mean [Obama] HAS to turn out the same as Hitler, but I believe we should not ignore early warning sings. Appeasers groveled before Hitler in the early days, the same as you guys are doing now with Obama. Why should we tolerate a genocidal racist in the White House?” Mr Ogden was invited into our meeting but only if he would sign a "Civility Pledge." He refused. So while we were inside our peaceful Town Hall meeting with Congressman Filner, Roger and his four or five goons goosestepped outside with bullhorns and their disgusting signs. I heard later from the security guard that Mr.Kranz was just trying to get back to his car, he was blocked by Roger's protest. On seeing the Hitler sign, heated words were exchanged. Mr. Kranz then took the sign and broke the stick, but according the security guard he never touched Mr. Ogden. While I don't condone Mr. Kranz's action, I wonder if put in the same situation would I done the same thing?
— October 29, 2010 10:05 a.m.

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