Oh, the Language! Oh, the Noise!

It is sad to reach a time in ones life when one should have quiet enjoyment and all the seniors get at this facility is foul language and staff that do not care. They put on a good front when donors come, to show all is well. They interview new residents who have yet to see the truth to show how wonderful the place is. They even have a residents board that is ineffective....they to bow to the management or Senior Community Center (Paul Downey)....The Potiker is a front for the people running the place to get high salaries in nice air conditioned offices with underground parking. While the seniors have to compete with the Padres fans for street parking and walk long distances to find a space...those who are lucky enough to still have a car. The able bodied employees get the underground parking. The only rooms that are well airconditioned are the offices, halls and empty meeting rooms while the residents are trapped in their sweltering little rooms with one window. No circulation ....can't open their doors do to the theft etc. Also the halls smell like ashtrays, urine etc. and the smokers are millitant about their rights. There is no place for nonsmokers to go...The roof patio always has a band of smokers and their lovely little garden is also a hangout for smokers both staff and residents. The smoke just floats in to the rooms above. All the nonsmokers suffer from second hand smoke. It is everywhere and there is nowhere to go to get away from it. I have heard non smoking staff are unhappy about the second hand smoke they are subjected to while walking the halls. Complaining is met with retribution and the seniors there are just plain stuck. The other housing in San Diego is many years wait. At Potiker they have smokers on Oxygen...there have been several incidents of ignition. It not only costs the city in sending out fire engines but the rents keep going up because of damage do to fire. The management does not like the fire dept to come and they had had some serious thing happen when they try to put fires out themselves. A 26 minute response for a fire is not accepptable. It is not a safe wonderful place to live as portrayed..... They lie and coverup to the law about goings on ...there have been stabbings and mugging in the building. The staff lie about residents and one in particular has bragged that management will always believe her not a resident. They lie about the rooms and building to prospective residents. The donors never see what is really going on. And the bugs....what a nightmare. I don't even go to visit my friend there anymore because of the bugs let alone the shouting and swearing one has to endure going there from the facility across the street! This is the tip of an iceberg that needs looking at! Glad I knew someone there before my lease ran out and I was tempted by their facade. Good to see someone has tackled at least one part of the residents misery. Thank you...
— August 2, 2010 11:13 a.m.

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