We shouldn't have paid the money we did for PAUL. We went because we read it was a laugh a minuet...NOT a word from the reviews we read, that we, as Christians, would be offended from beginning to end. Well, wait, I have to admit that is not our only feeling. The level of intellect it took to play off the dumbest stereo types of Christianity and Christians perhaps needs our prayers ... I wish I, like Paul, could touch Nick Frost on the head and give him my 'pearls' of wisdom. But, since Nick thinks bibles are only good for warding off mortal bullets and he relentlessly played the joke about his weight over and over... well... I am sure Nick never could make sense out of the scripture that tells Christians 'not to throw pearls before swine." WORD UP to COMIC CON! CHRISTIANS DO ATTEND YOUR CONVENTIONS AND WE MIGHT EVEN WATCH THIS KNOWING THAT YOU PLAY A SPECIAL ROLE IN THIS MOVIE....WE WILL THINK TWICE ABOUT YOUR INTOLLERANCE or at best your opinion that Christians are idiots. WE ARE SO glad that we got our money back for attending this diatribe Christian bashing movie. Even the theater manager, an admitting Christian, that heard from us, now thinks he might not ever want to see it for himself. You might not believe in God nor the attributes and intelligence of Christ, or Christians. At least don't believe that you believe in tolerance and diversity. You STOPPED short of that throughout this movie... especially when near the end, Paul is told "God bless you" and he in return says "Ya whatever." In closing I just want to add, Christians shouldn't waist their money on this tribute to atheism and in response to the producers and the writers of this one, I will borrow a line from a movie that truly does pays tribute to diversity, "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES."
— March 19, 2011 7:53 p.m.

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