Portuguese Hospitality

Hi, In 2004, in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversry, my wife and I traveled the Douro river in a small (40 passernger) river boat. We visited wineries all along the route. It was a great trip! Before our "cruise" we stayed a couple of days in Lisboa. What an incredible city. One of the nicest things about Lisboa was the proliferation of small coffee shops thoughout the city. We stopped in various ones two or three times a day during our short time in the city. And the espresso was incredible. The Portuguese sure know their coffee. My wife and I really enjoyed walking the narrow, curvy, & hilly streets of old Lisboa. There is a funicular in the old section and when you get off at the top of the hill it's a different world. We have a friend here in Louisville, who is from the Azores (islands 600 miles off the cost of Portugal). His brother lives near Lisboa and met us at our hotel and took us to dinner. We specifically asked to go to a restaurant where tourists don't go and where seafood is served. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was incredible. There were rows and rows of tables covered with butcher block paper. We sat next to total strangers, and it was like family. Our friend, Cesar, ordered for us, and the food was amazing. One of the items was 8" shrimp from Madagascar (which Cesar told us belonged to Portugal). They were split lenghtwise and grilled - I'm drooling on my keyboard, just thinking about it. If you go back to Portugal and would like the name of the restaurant I'll see if I can get it for you. Also Portugal makes a sweet Liqueur which you can only get in Portugal - Licor Beirao - absolutely heaven. Rusty (aka Harry)
— November 16, 2008 9:57 a.m.

Poodle Peepers

Loved the column (I discovered your SDR column when in San Diego last month and am now catching up). My wife and I have had standard poodles since 1974 (were you even a gleam in your parent's eyes then?) though ours have always had "puppy cuts" not the fancy grooming. Our current poodle, Rusty, is our fifth and, if so inclined, you can read his diary here: <> although he hasn't updated it recently. Where else can we find your writing? Do you only do columns or do you have books and magazine articles, too? Is your "Diary of a Diva" column syndicated? We have a local alternative newspaper here (Louisville, KY) I'd like to turn on to you. Keep on writing!
— November 8, 2008 8:37 a.m.

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