AirBnB, the elephant in the room

Thank you for a great comment! We have just endured 2 weekends of huge parties in the airbnb/vrbo rental next door to us. Last week, there was a party on Sunday that exceeded 35 people. Not sleeping there, just spilling all over the street, cars parked everywhere....and lots and lots of noise. To their credit, they were quiet at night. This past weekend, people came and went all weekend. Day after day, taxis pulled up and brought some people, carted others away. Friday must have been a wedding of some sort; guests were picked up in a large (aka tourist-type) bus. Again, for all the noise during the day, they were quiet at night. I imagine the owner of the property (ALWAYS ABSENTEE) has laid down the law about the patio and noise since we have made it clear we will have zero tolerance for this. You are correct. Mass profits for the owners at the expense of the people who live here daily, pay taxes and work hard to live in these very small houses, in the most desirable neighborhoods of San Diego. And, if we ever want to sell our house, as long as this operates as a "hotel", which it is! - we have to declare it as a nuisance to any potential buyers. Just think what that does for property values. I'm glad the city ruled this way. We will be watching carefully to see what happens next both in our neighborhood (not Burlingame) and other single family residential neighborhoods throughout San Diego that are plagued by this "sharing" community.
— August 10, 2015 8:28 p.m.

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