No More Bragging Rights

"Hey JJ, since I have already shot down your bogus claim that cop/FF are "dangerous" jobs." Again johnnyvegasshoele displays his lack of reading comprehension skills. First can you please show where I even discussed firefighters in any of my posts. I didn't. The ONLY mention of firefighters I made was that I have a another cousin who is one. Second, can you list my "bogus claim" that cop/FF are "dangerous" jobs". Can you even find the word dangerous in my postings? No you can't.I made no reference at all to their danger. I simply used FBI stats to show a cop is actually slightly more likely to suffer a violent death at the hand of another than be killed in a t/a, refuting your claim that "for cop fatalities" "the vast majority are from traffic deaths. Very few are from homicide." Indeed you are the one that compared cops to construction workers and timber cutters. I made no comparisons at all. If you read further, you would have also read that I agreed with Don that Of course I realize the NLEOMF data is more heavily weighted the further back you compare statistics. Did you ever consider that quote was tossed in just to get a reaction from you?? I guess it worked. And why don't you explain exactly how is the NLEOMF is biased. Are they making up names of dead cops or what. I wouldn't think that they are any more biased about their members than any other organization, like say the ABA perhaps. And now I supposed you'll also claim that the FBI's statistical analysis is flawed and they are biased also. As for pd/ff age at death, except for my cousins living long and healthy lives, I really don't care. I'm not a public safety advocate and it's not something I get riled up aboutat all; not like you apparently seem to. So there you go . You didn't like NLEOMF stats, so I gave you the FBI's. Refute the FBI's statistics on LEO deaths, show us all that they are bogus. And don't just start throwing unsubstantiated numbers around give us your source so that we can all see for ourselves. In other words put up or shut up. I think if you could have you already would have. Prove me wrong!!!
— February 8, 2009 3:08 p.m.

No More Bragging Rights

BTW, I don't make stuff up either, as you seem to like to do, johnnyvegass. From the NLEOMF website: A summary of the top ten leading causes of law enforcement fatalities during the past century follows (does not include 1999 figures): 1. Firearms (6,846 or 49%) 2. Automobile Accidents (2,090 or 15%) 3. Motorcycle Accidents (1,022 or 7%) 4. Struck by Vehicle (955 or 7%) 5. Job-related Illness (588 or 4%) 6. Aircraft Accidents (311 or 2%) 7. Stabbings (197 or 1%) 8. Fall (147 or 1%) 9. Drowning (142 or 1%) 10.Beaten (134 or 1%)
— February 7, 2009 4:42 p.m.

No More Bragging Rights

By JohnnyVegas: "Very few are from homicide.","As for cop fatalities, the vast majority are from traffic deaths. Very few are from homicide", "accidents still are the largest cause of fatalities in PD work, not shoot outs.". In typical jv fashion, you change your terms. First it's homicides, then it's shootings; first it's traffic accidents now it's just accidents. Make up your mind From the FBI(is that a non biased enough authority?): The number of LEO's accidentally killed between 1996-2005:725 (471 traffic accidents:410 auto-61 motorcycle). The number of LEO's feloniously killed Between 1996-2005:575 That's 575 felony deaths vs 471 traffic deaths. More than "a few" homicides and traffic accidents are not the majority. And by the way, accidental shootings are classified by the FBI as just that, ACCIDENTS. Apparent or confirmed suicides are not included in either classification. Also the data you quote in #722 is not correct. The FBI lists 43 t/a deaths in 2005, not 62. So that's 60 vs 43; again less t/a deaths. Overall, more total deaths are accidental than homicides, which one would hope and no one is disputing. But your original post didn't say accidental deaths. It said traffic deaths. BTW, according to NIOSH, construction deaths are around 1100-1200 per year, with a high of 1239 in 2006. Deaths in 2007 fell to 1178 Not the 2000-4000 as you claim. But as we all know, facts are irrelevant to you. Good qualities for the legal profession. I bet your mommy is proud.
— February 7, 2009 4:34 p.m.

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