To Live and Die in Oceanside

No Offense Jose619
— February 23, 2008 4:13 p.m.

To Live and Die in Oceanside

Heres a quick lesson and hopefully OPD reads this, because they seem uninformed about the gangs in their own city. "Crook Mob Gangsters" is not the name of the gang, it is actually "Crook Mob Gangsta Crip" formally "East Side Crips". Krook City Bloods has alot more members than OPD knows. KCB started in the mid 80s and is not based in tri-city. Unlike other gangs claiming 1 specific neighborhood. Krook City Bloods is broken into factions for each part of the city. Members from Tri City were formally a serparate gang before merging under the Krook City Bloods umbrella but were known simply as Tri City Bloods. Members from Krook City Bloods who live in Tri City fall under the moniker "T/C Krook City Bloods" & members who live on the eastside fall under "E/S Krook City Bloods members from the Mid Valley are known as "M/V Krook City Bloods. The gang is 50% samoan and 50% being Blacks Mexican ETC. & for Det. Young from Oceanside Police Department, the first Bloods & Crips gangs in Deep Valley, were both samoan gangs. Who ever lived on the the west side of vandergrift were modeled after Los Angeles' "Sons of Samoa" gang (created to seperate themselves from samoans who lived towards Arthur Avenue) and the gang members on the east side of Vandergrift were modeled after L.A Bloods and were known as "Valley Boys". They formed as a Bloods gang same time as South San Diego gangs with original ties to San Diego's "5/9 Brims" & L.A gangs. Oceanside's Downtown area streets north of Surfrider were a hotbed for L.A Crip gangs during the early 80s looking to score big with crack sales. These became their early enemies before Deep Valley Crips was created. During this time period The younger blacks who lived in close proximity to the toll bridge formed a crew called "Deep Valley Foot Soldiers (1987)" and it wasnt until the release of the movie "Colors" starring Sean Penn (1988), that they then changed their name to "Deep Valley Crips". 2nd generation "Valley Boys" wanted to show more affiliation and represent the section of Oceanside they came from and became "Deep Valley Bloods". "Thunders Hills" was created by a former "Deep Valley Crips" member who was distraut over his brothers (Darrel Kirby) death and his (Mark Kirby) own near death shooting. "Posole" has a west side based gang which originated in the area surrounding Marvin Street & Sherbourne Park area before "Thunder Hills" was created.
— February 22, 2008 6:25 p.m.

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