Afro Puffs

@ccastellanos I'm surprised no one has called you out on your statement : **> " Let me also refresh your memory to > slavery times when there were more > slave owners who were trying to get a > lot more than a good servant from the > women he purchased."** So rape is an indicator of the desire of a non black man to have a truly meaningful relationship with a black woman? Your attempt to discredit the author with that example is appalling . Try again. ----------------------------- I think the biggest problem with this article is that the author meanders around an issue without directly tackling it. I surmise it is worry that her children will not have the "black experience." Or not embrace their color, culture, be intersted in dating someone of their own raceetc. Whatever. I agree with an earlier commenter who says the author rambles. She does.. A lot. **On the cover & headline:** The editor picked the most controversial quote from the piece to use on the cover.I get it. It provokes a reaction from people and gets their attention. A better headline could have been chosen for the title of the article. Let it also be noted - the author waxes poetic in the first several paragraphics about her child's afro, women and other children with afro's she sees while out and about. So an editor on deadline, skims the article, picks out the most controversial phrase, remembers the writing about kids and afro's, slaps in a quick picture of a young girl with an afro and quickly headlines it "afro puffs." It appears there just wasn't enough thought put into the cover presentation due to perhaps deadline pressures. Anyway, The paraphrased comment by the teen does hold some weight. A quick internet search about race & dating pulled up this result - [http://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/your-race-affects-whether-people-write-you-back/][1] Race does play a factor in dating - and according to the statistic listed on this dating website- black women have the lowest reply rate. Meaning if they message a non black person - they are less likely to get a reply back. While this isn't census data, as a dating site - it does have validity in the sense of people choosing whom to write & reply to in order to form relationships.
— July 14, 2012 11:18 a.m.

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