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First of all.. to say lighten up by another comment is clearly missing the point. To say that this person wrote a great article or that perhaps there something was taken out of context and the writer has no control over what is on the cover is completely irrevelant. The point is it was irrespoinsible for editor of this publication. The cover simply insites a whole host of misconceptions. Even if the cover was meant to create a shock factor for people to read the magazine is inexcusable. I get it but not socially responsible. There is freedom of speech, but there is also I feel a journalistic responsibilty to be conscious of the information you are disseminating and the message it sends. I believe there should be an embarrasment that there should be such carelessness with the cover and then to follow that up with fact that article was not only irrevelant but poorly written. I am not one to bash anyone, but facts are was not a quality piece and was difficult to follow and understand it's message.It was personal opinion that could and should have been in a blog. Not in the Reader. I was waiting for it to make some sense or disprove me from believing that the offensive cover was a complete misleading slap in the face of all black women. I am extremely dissapointed that the Reader is this desperate to have a piece fill their paper or rally readers. Someone thought this was an insighful thought provoking cover and article. Well they were wrong. Couldn't be further from the truth. Thank you for continuing the ignorance. There is no need to defend the beauty of black women. Let it speak for itself and with that said there is no need for this paper to take it in it's own hands to address this issue since obviouslythey are ill equipped. Stick to current events, restaurant reviews, and botox ads.
— July 12, 2012 8:12 p.m.

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