Filner's accusers and their interesting connection to KPBS and the Port Commission

Filner may not be totally innocent, but he's not done anything actionable. No one even ACCUSED the Mayor of using his 'office' to try and get laid. (as far as I can tell, no one says he even slept with them) Only one person is accusing him of actual sexual harassment, and she worked with him for six months, then wanted to remain anonymous (and Filner denies her charges). No proof (i.e. video recording, witness affidavit, etc. ) that he ever "touched people without permission" was offered, and no criminal 'assault charge' was ever filed. This is all gossip and hearsay. (you should hear what people say about your mother) You and I, both know that a single hug, one-time kiss, or public pat on the bottom, doesn't constitute sexual harassment, much less assault. If it did, I could put at least a hundred women in jail tonight. We've both been out at parties where 16 is a good night. These ALLEGATIONS were over at least EIGHT YEARS! Mostly by women who were after something from a Congressman, yet strangely never felt inclined to report or document these alleged incidents. Even if he was guilty of being a bad date, with these women lobbyists trying to get something from his office. Even if he was a sex addict who indiscriminately asked for women's phone numbers and told them he loved them, as a single male he's allowed to sleep with as many women as will have him. The only reason he has lost his job over it is because he scared the established business interests in San Diego. "I am responsible for providing ammunition. I did that," Filner said. "But there are well-organized interests who have run this city for 50 years who pointed the gun, and the media and their political agents pulled the trigger." Yep, that sums it up. This is a common political tactic. It worked on President Clinton, it worked on Elliot Spitzer in NY. When they can't beat you in the election, they dig up dirt, then try and extort action. If you have the balls to stand up to that, then they use the press to assassinate your character. Making it impossible for you to get anything done politically, it is just as good as bullet, and now the Jacobs family will get what they paid for from the 'Investigative Journalist Division' at KPBS.
— August 23, 2013 7:39 p.m.

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