Filipino Rules

well put SDaniels.
— March 9, 2010 12:11 a.m.

Filipino Rules

I couldn't help but to leave a comment after reading this article and the comments thereafter. I could appreciate that she used comical twists to keep the reader engaged--I admit that I do the same--and some of it was funny because it reminded me of my parents. But there was a certain point where it just got out of hand. There was a certain point where it seemed as if she was feeding to the ignorant negative stereotypes that haunt Filipino-Americans. It was to the point that I felt bad and embarrassed for her parents. I personally was not a fan of this article. I thought it was disrespectful to her parents and poorly represents our generation of Filipino-Americans. This further feeds to the argument that we as a culture have a sense of loss cultural identity. What we should all understand is that although we are Americans through and through, we should be reminded of our Filipino heritage. Moreover, we should take that extra step to appreciate our heritage and appreciate the struggles that our parents went through. Appreciate them and their accents because they learned a second language and left everything behind to work hard and make a life in the US so they could bestow the opportunities that are laid in front of us. I was that angel with the halo over my head. I did everything "right". Not because I didn't want to disappoint my parents, but because I owed it to them. I grew up knowing that I HAD to go to college because why else would my parents settle for anything less? And yes, I did join the military. But on my Dad's terms and because of that, I'm a commissioned officer in the US Army. Not a single day do I forget the struggles my Dad went through as a young immigrant Soldier in the 1970's when he was discriminated against. Of course my Dad didn't want me to enlist as a private. He saw that as me settling with the same opportunity that he had--the only opportunity he had. He wanted more for me and I SHOWED him what his 23 years of hard work did for me. And lastly, I'd like to add... (1) thanks a bunch for the cover photo of a girl wearing a Morse High School cheerleader outfit. That really is a way I want my alma mater to be represented (sarcasm); and (2) where is the conclusion in the article. What was the point? Where is the WOW factor? Nothing tied this together and at the end I was left with... "ok, and?"
— March 7, 2010 12:44 p.m.

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