Filipino Rules

I am so sick and tired of hearing how terrible Filipino parents are with their children and how strict they can be. Perhaps they do not want their children to turn out to be the promiscuous, lazy, impolite, insincere, rude, godless, tasteless, uneducated, immoral, sacrilegious, spoiled brats they see "American" parents allow their kids to turn into. They have had to endure being looked down upon and ridiculed at work. They are known to toil with earnest and resourcefulness, yet not promoted as steadily or readily as their "American" counterparts. They work hard, long hours, only to come home to ungrateful children who openly mock their accent and shamelessly correct their english. Your "Podder" and Modder left all that they knew to come here to better their lives. They endured decades of humbling service in jobs that most "Americans" would not even dream of taking. They had to prove to the society that they could provide the same level of competency as any other native born "American" in spite of their thick accent. What saddens me, is that given this great opportunity to write an article honoring her parents and their victory over the "American" dream, she chose to write an expose chronicling the inability of her parents to understand and properly nurture her. I have experienced the "Pinoy Power" movement that markets "Pinoy Pride" t-shirts and touts Manny Pacquio as one of the true ambassadors of our people. They fool our youth into thinking that by wearing these t-shirts, cheering for Manny, hanging out with other pinoys, and eating filipino food....these things are what makes us strong as a people. HOW SHALLOW... most second generation Fil-Ams do not speak the language, nor do they know any of our heros beyond Rizal, Bonifacio, and Lapu-Lapu. They are a generation who openly disrespect their parents (whether it be a joke or is disrespectful to mock someone's accent), and whose cultural ties weaken with every generation born after them. This "author" doesn't address any of the redeeming qualities her parents have obviously adhered to in raising two out of control daughters. How painful it must be for them to see their underaged daughters overtly sexual at ages far below what their society says is acceptable. How is it a distinctly Filipino trait not to want your daughter to fall in love with man who is neither working, studying, nor even planning for the future? I think any father, in any culture would find a problem with their children falling in love with people with no future. I am just so sad this article was even written and published. Some person with no real knowledge of Filipinos, will pick up this article and read it, thinking this "author's" plight must be a common generalization of how Filipinos parent their children. This story is not a representation of my household. I challenge the reader to post the many responses the community has given about this article.
— May 8, 2010 1:49 a.m.

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