Temper flares at Ocean Beach Planning Board meeting

This is what really happened. The OB planning board denied her project as presented, a motion was made to accept the project as presented and NOBODY would second the motion, after adding wording for a five year permit, they voted 10-1. The applicant did not want what she was given, the board did not have the will to do the right thing they are COMPLETE IDIOTS ! This is exactly why they do not take the board serious at the planning department, how many times have you heard them say " they won't listen to us " well no shit ! look at the crap you come up with. They did NOT serve the police OR the community, they are lame, unable to make a yes or no decision, it is not their job to "create" a solution not sought by anyone.W.T.F. ? When the Lt. was asked " what do you think about five years " she answered " I don't care, I won't be here in five years " ! did you remember that Mercy ? the Lt. could care less about what happens in O.B., SHE TOLD YOU and the board. I video tapped the vote, their body language says it all. MERCY, If you really want to be a reporter post the photos of police using Robb field for bike patrol on various occasions, in complete contrast to what the Lt. told the board. Police store their bikes and quads at an unmarked container at Robb Field, water power and sewer are ALREADY present, ready for hook up today, no permit is needed. Post the photos of police sitting under a canopy in the parking lot on the 4th of July and using porta potties, contrary to what the Lt. told the board and the planning department. Your credibility is zero when you tell half a story Mercy, and it's wrong ! The Lt. will have to answer to state officials for abusing her authority, no cop is going to lie this much and walk away without consequences. I warned the cpt of western division this would happen, he doesn't seem to care, he ALLOWS her to continue to lie in the face of hard evidence to the contrary. The city of San Diego code enforcement department , park & rec., the coastal commission, S.D.P.D western division, ALL agreed the trailer would be moved because it was not being used, this Lt. showed up one WEEK before it was to be moved and CREATED stories to stop the move, then continues to lie after knowing the truth, she is scum with a badge and a disgrace to S.D.P.D.. Be for real Mercy or nobody will take you seriously, leave the bias crap for the U.T.
— August 11, 2013 5:42 p.m.

Temper flares at Ocean Beach Planning Board meeting

Mercy-- YOU ARE VERY WRONG.................. AGAIN ! Have you read the notice of violation ? of course not, you would not make such ridiculous statements if you knew the FACTS , right ? Mercy, you wouldn't create stories, right ? My view has never been the subject ! did the coastal commission issue a violation on my behalf ? NO !, the coastal commission is concerned with PUBLIC views and PUBLIC parking, I never mentioned my view. Get your story right. Private views ARE NOT protected by ANYONE, you are repeating what the OBMA told you to repeat, that's just ignorant and unreliable information, you want make into fact, what a shame. Report the facts, not your wishes. The trailer had signs for many years but where damaged from constant graffiti and police did not use the trailer, so the signs where removed in 2006. The trailer will be damaged more when an S.D.P.D. sign goes up. If the trailer does so much why are 90% of the calls for police in OB at the wall in FRONT of the trailer ? For those that want the truth, the corrupt Lt. has to create existing use to avoid an EIR., that's why she has to constantly lie, she does not stand a chance if an EIR is done, so the lies continue. Mecry-- Do you REALLY believe we would NOT have a police presence if the trailer was moved to Robb Field or the lifeguard tower ? really Mercy ? are you that ignorant ? You keep repeating how important police presence is in the parking lot, do you want police sitting in the trailer while drugs & alcohol are being consumed on the wall and the beach ? What storefront was replaced ? the trailer is NOT open to the public, you and I can't get help at the trailer , ever ! it's an unused bathroom. We are short officers as it is, and you want the trailer occupied ? There is plenty of room to move the trailer to the lifeguard tower TODAY, minimal costs involved. It can be moved anytime. There is plenty of empty office space on Bacon and Newport, the sad truth is merchants don't want' them near their business. The failed restaurant behind the 99 cent store on Bacon and Newport is perfect, it even has a bathroom and has sat empty for years. Most important it's across the street from the OBMA ! they could wave at each other all day long from their offices. The owners of the building show up at every meeting, but don't want to support our police to the point of accepting less rent. Hmmmmm ? continued......... http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/aug... http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/aug... http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/aug... http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/aug...
— August 11, 2013 5:33 p.m.

San Diego police to be booted from O.B. parking lot?

Mercy, you are right, people have been stabbed, robbed & assaulted IN FRONT OF THE TRAILER, over the last ten years. it's the men & woman of S.D.P.D. that walk the beat that have made things a little better in Ocean Beach. I have been working on moving the trailer since 2008, yes 2008 five long years of bullshit excuses from the City of San Diego, code enforcement & park & rec. The trailer has been a nuisance since day one, it's a fake storefront ! IT IS A RESTROOM ! A citizen looking for help from police will find a locked door when police are inside, THEY ARE USING THE RESTROOM ! leave them alone. Nobody says police don't need a place to use the restroom or warm up lunch in a microwave.Location, location, location. Most other business groups in San Diego provide space for local police. The Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association has 525 members, millions of square feet, not one member is willing to provide a 10' x 10' office and a toilet ? yet they insist having police nearby improves response time ? really ? a cop on a toilet with their pants down or a burrito in the microwave is going to respond faster than a cop parked in the red zone along Newport Ave or in the parking lot ( witch is what is done 99% of the time ) all they have to do to respond is put the car in drive. Robb Field is less than one mile from the parking lot, police already have an equipment storage facility with bicycles, quads, road signs etc., it also has a location for the trailer with access to water, power & sewer already in place today, without taking a single parking space or blocking a public view of the ocean. This issue is more about control of a parking lot than a trailer, the OBMA closes the entire parking lot for the sole purpose of selling tons of alcohol, while cutting off access to the beach and pier to ALL residents of San Diego. Ms Lomedico , director of park & rec. for city of San Diego, believes the trailer belongs to S.D.P.D. ? what an idiot ! it is owned by Bert's rentals and paid for by the OBMA, she allowed a PRIVATE business to convert PUBLIC PARKING spaces into private use, she ignored current ordinances that said she must obtain a permit for the trailer, it took the California Coastal Commission to issue a violation notice to the city for the director to act. Ms Lomedico and her staff allow the OBMA and the Ocean Beach Town Council to hold events in the parking lot and surrounding areas without the required permits. When police are called they look the other way, of course , one hand washes the other. If the City Of San Diego planning department is stupid enough to issue a coastal development permit , the coastal commission will issue another violation notice. Call Mayor Filner and tell him the parking lot belongs to ALL residents not the O.B.M.A. " They will hate you, rate you & and try to break you, but how strong you stand is what makes you "
— March 24, 2013 3:47 p.m.

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