Labor-backed poll shows Alvarez catching Fletcher

Umm... I don't know where your getting your information, but everything that I have read states that Alvarez is against funding a new stadium, not its champion. He's been standing up to the downtown establishment since being elected, he fought against the tourism tax, that benefited only downtown hotels BEFORE Filner was elected. And you said that he would take care of the municipal employees union. Well, the municipal employees union is backing Fletcher, not Alvarez, and they have sent out multiple flyers to voters on his behalf, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. ( (I hope they get what they want, since Fletcher voted against them his entire way through the assembly, but that's another story). Alvarez favors increasing city revenue through bonds and linkage fees, so not sure why your attacking him on falling revenue either.. Basically, you have all of your facts wrong. You appear to have a irrational pre-formed against a candidate and you are willing to make up facts in order to support your position. But maybe I'm wrong, and if you truly are concerned about the issues you stated above, you might want to consider David Alvarez for mayor.
— November 4, 2013 1:40 p.m.

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