Grand Jury finds San Diego Unified School District's website too political

What does the school district care about a grand jury report? They'll have their (allegedly understaffed) communications department write a response in the name of the school board and continue to do whatever they want. This isn't the first time, either. The infamous Alan Bersin got flagged by the state fair campaign practices people after he shamelessly used every district communications tool he could get his hands on to promote Proposition MM in 1998, and I believe the district ultimately paid. The district also paid $10,000 to settle a separate suit on the same matter. But they ultimately don't care, whether it's Bersin, Kowba, Lee, or the new wunderkind superintendent who leaps into her new position in June. As for the communications department, I'd like to know how hard it would be for someone to scroll through the obvious places on its website once a week to look for inappropriate information. The idea that some low-level type could OR WOULD place sensitive political information on the website without approval from the superintendent's office is simply nonsense. The top-down management (and punishment) style exists unchanged from the days of Bersin and no employee in his or her right mind, unless they had just won Lotto, would attempt such a thing. Kowba might as well say that the now infamous Scripps Ranch YouTube video could be posted and sit on the website for weeks without anyone knowing. Ridiculous.
— May 9, 2013 4:19 p.m.

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