Shoots neighbor on Lone Jack Road in Encinitas

I am the victims brother. At the preliminary hearing two eye witnesses testified that on the day of the murder my brother was "calm" and never confronted his murderer.In fact, they stated that it was the murder that was shouting obscenities at my brother. Furthermore they stated that my brother was at least 10' feet away from the murderer and after the murderer pulled his weapon my brother stated "are you kidding me." Then the murderer shot him in the abdomen...my brother screamed in pain then 5 -7 seconds later the murder shot him in the head. The murderer was a blogger back in 2007 if you google: "michael vilkin cockroach " you can see his homicidal rants about killing mexicans like cockroaches etc. His wife Tamara knew about this and probably knew that her murder husban was going to vonfront and kill my brother. She has promoted the defense theory that there was this big "dispute" and angry confrontation...all false...all part of a premeditated killing and subsequent defense strategy.I almost felt sorry for her when the detective testified that her murder husband actually had condoms in his pistol case when they took it into possession. She is at least 60 years old. I realize that its much more "juicy" of a story to make this into a blood feud...but the reality is that Michael Vilkin is a psychotic killer who lied in wait for my brother and like the coward he is shot an unarmed man. My brother was a good man...killed by an evil little man..who now is amongst other evil people locked up in a cage. I look forward to the day that he gets sentenced to life in prison where he will have evil things done to him until he dies and his miserable soul goes to hell.
— September 25, 2013 12:16 p.m.