Will Angelenos, Zonies Stay Put This Year?

There's a lot that can be done. Let's start with criminal prosecutions and forced resignations. I'm sure we could think of one judge who could be profitably removed from the bench. Transportation: Shut down Lindberg Field. Too busy, too dangerous, inadequate for its declared purpose. It would serve better as a feeder airport for Orange and LA county airfields. Expand the rail lines between San Diego and LA on one hand, and between San Diego and Arizona on the other. Let's get freight off the freeways and expand passenger capacity. Also expand the oil and gas pipelines to San Diego, and expand storage facilities. Our high gas prices are largely due to the lack of wiggle room caused by our lack of adequate storage. Housing and Construction: Allow denser development. Overbuild where infrastructure is concerned. Better to have more sewage capacity then we really need right now, then to have just enough and watch as a growing population strains it. Outlaw neighborhood associations. It is the job of government to handle such matters, and an act of cowardice to allow neighborhood associations to abuse and oppress home owners, business owners, and residents. Final Thoughts: We could improve matters, but first we need to make people aware of how much the crap now occurring is costing them. We keep getting told that San Diego needs to raise taxes to get things down. Before we do that let's make sure what taxes we do pay are being spent effectively.
— May 8, 2008 10:14 p.m.

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